Three reasons why you should try a virtual fitness challenge

May 25, 2023

Three reasons why you should try a virtual fitness challenge

Even if you’re not a fitness junkie, virtual fitness challenges hold a great many benefits. They are a fantastic way to get fit on your own terms and maintain a high level of motivation as you complete them. They are convenient; you can get your walking, running or cycling shoes on at any time of the day and add miles to your tally. No more waiting for the gym to open, or for the monthly park run. You can get out and exercise at any time, all whilst you earn real, tangible rewards. They offer social support from places all around the world. The Fitwins virtual fitness challenge, for example, has a dedicated social media community group that’s full of members who are more than happy to be your cheerleader as you take on the challenge.  

What is a virtual fitness challenge? 

A virtual fitness challenge is a dedicated online platform that enables users to exercise by walking, running, hiking or cycling in their own time in whatever way they feel most comfortable. With each walk, run or bike ride they take, they will keep track of the distance travelled, either by using a GPS-enabled software such as Strava, or by manually inputting their stats.  

With each exercise session, their avatar or profile will move along a pre-designed route, hitting different milestones, on their way to a set distance target, such as 25 or 100 miles. By setting distance targets, it creates a real sense of achievement in the participant when they hit their goals.  

With Fitwins, you can take a free virtual fitness challenge, which isn’t offered by most other fitness challenge providers and is part of what sets us apart from them. Our first objective is to get you active and hitting your fitness goals. If you don’t have the budget to upgrade to a medal entry but you want to stay motivated to get fit, then we are an inclusive brand and we’re just happy you’re here. However, if you upgrade to a medal entry for any of our virtual fitness challenges, then when you hit your target you’ll receive a superb reward pack, delivered to your door. This reward pack includes a fitness challenge medal, certificate of achievement, and some treats from our partnered brands.  

Why take a virtual fitness challenge? 

There are many reasons why you should take on a virtual fitness challenge, and these are our three top reasons for taking part.  

1. Convenience 

They can be done anywhere and at any time. Are you going for a leisurely walk with your family on a Sunday? Get your Strava fired up and add it to your progress! If you’re a dedicated competitive long-distance runner, like our company founder Carl Ryde, then hook it up whilst you train, and see how far you really get during your training sessions. If you cycle to work, then again, track these activities every day and you’ll be surprised at how far you can really go in a month.  

2. Real rewards for your effort

The whole reason Fitwins exists is that our head honcho Carl, who is a competitive runner that has completed countless marathons and runs – including achieving an amazing 12th place in the 2016 London Marathon – completed a particularly good time on one of his training sessions, and his wife Tracy reflected that had he been in competition, he would have won a medal. This sparked an idea and a passion in Fitwins, that people should be rewarded for their effort. If you’re putting the effort into hitting your goals, then you should be treated at the end of that with a real, exclusive medal that you’ll be proud to hang on your medal rack.  

3. Social Support 

Our online community groups are a hive of activity, with members posting daily to show how far they’ve travelled, which targets they’ve achieved and to push one another on to reach for the next goal. If anybody is feeling demotivated, they only need to get online and there’ll be somebody to give them the encouragement they need to get out and active. Many of our members have made great friends and exercising partners on the group. There’ll always be willing virtual partners to join you and push you on in your virtual fitness challenge.  

These are just three great reasons to join a virtual fitness challenge, and in particular the Fitwins virtual fitness challenges. Fitwins has been developed by fitness enthusiasts and qualified sports coaches to be suitable for users of all kinds. It doesn’t matter whether you hit 25 miles by strolling a mile a day during the month, or you hit 200 miles by running 10 miles a day. The important thing is that you’re getting out, getting active, and having fun.  

Download our app and join us

You can download the Fitwins Virtual Fitness Challenge app here, and register easily for an account. Explore the app and see if we’re for you. You can register for the current or any future fitness challenges for free, easily. If you want to give yourself the extra motivation by putting a real, heavyweight medal in front of yourself, then simply upgrade at any time. We do offer great bundle discounts, so if like us you find yourself hooked by the challenge, then why not purchase multiple credits and save yourself money at the same time? 

Finally, if you want to bring your friends along and start competing with one another as you go, you can easily use your refer-a-friend bonus to get you both half price entry, making the medal only £9 for each of you, which is phenomenal value.  

Fitwins, take you anywhere.  


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Not sure how virtual fitness works?

The easiest way to learn is to try Fitwins for yourself! The app is free to download, and you only pay for challenges you take part in, so why not take it for a test drive?

In the meantime, here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about how Fitwins compares to other virtual walking challenges.

No! We believe that flexibility is the key to fitness success, so instead of forcing you to complete a set distance, we let you set your own goal.  This means you can be flexible in how you complete YOUR challenge: so if you are smashing your target, you can raise the bar and aim for more. 

All entries into our challenge will receive a great medal, with a ribbon specific to the challenge type.

For our “iconic challenges”, your ribbon will have a unique design related to the challenge. For our regular monthly challenges, your ribbon will reflect the total distance you covered.

Running and walking ribbons are awarded based on 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200+ miles. Cycling ribbons are for distances of 50km, 100km, 200km, 500km, 1000km, 2000km and 3000km. 

Absolutely! Not only that, but all the distance you’ve covered since the start of the month will count, as the Fitwins App syncs with Strava and logs all activities from the start of the month, regardless of what date you sign up for the challenge. 

If you are hitting the streets with your app activated, verification is completed automatically by sycning with Strava. You can focus on completing your challenge, and we’ll take care of the rest.

If you’re using a treadmill, exercycle or other stationary equipment for some of your challenge, you’ll need to log this manually.


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