Saucony Endorphin Pro Review

September 1, 2022

Running in a race is an exhilarating experience, but also one that requires a lot of mental and physical preparation.

If you want to have a good time at the end of the event, then you will need a regular training routine and a good pair of running shoes.

There are lots of racing shoes out there built for different shapes of feet, and terrain. The Saucony Endorphin series are designed to comfortably carry runners through long distance races.

In this review, we will be taking a look at the Saucony Endorphin Pro series and what they have to offer over other racing shoes on the market.

Who Are Saucony?

Saucony is an American company that started out as a single factory in Kutztown, Pennsylvania.

Their name comes from the Saucony Creek which is located near their original factory, and their logo is inspired by three boulders found at this creek.

The boulders represent the three core principles of the company, including good performance, good health and good community.

The Saucony Endorphin Pro Series Overview

Saucony currently sells three versions of the Endorphin pro shoes, including the Pro +, Pro 2 and Pro 3 models.

In this section we will be looking at each of these shoes and seeing how well they meet certain criteria such as comfort, durability and protection for your feet.

However, first we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the basic difference between these three models.

Differences Between The Endorphin Pro Models

The Endorphin pro range, more expensive, and more high-tech than the Endorphin Speed or Endorphin Edge series. All of the models in this collection feature a midsole that uses PWRRUN PB foam and a carbon fiber plate.

The foam that Saucony uses provides a lot of bounce, which is great for propelling you forward to victory. Similarly, the carbon fiber plate offers a snappy forefoot area that makes for a great transition when running.

Those are the overall similarities, and where the various models differ is mostly in their upper.

The Pro + has suede detailing on the mesh upper, but is actually lighter than the Pro 2, while providing a slightly more snug fit. Aside from the upper, there aren’t many other differences between the Pro 2 and the Pro +.

The Pro 3, keeps the highly breathable upper of the Pro + and adds some extra padding in the heel for better lockdown.

However, the big upgrade comes from the fact that the Pro 3 is a higher stack shoe that is only just under the 40 mm stack height limit for racing shoes. It has an extra 4 mm of PWRRUN PB foam for less of a rockered running sensation.

We will go into more detail in later sections, but overall this covers the most significant differences between the three main models in the Endorphin Pro series.


In terms of comfort, all of the shoes are roughly the same, except the Pro 2 are the least comfortable by a small margin. This is because the later models started to include slightly more padding in the heel and tongue, which helps to lock down your heel.

Heel lockdown is very important with any running shoes, as it prevents your foot from sliding around inside the shoe. Not only does this offer a more stable running experience, but it also helps to prevent injuries such as sprained ankles.

The rockered design of the Pro 2 and the Pro+ shoes is great for distances up to 10k, although beyond this it may become a bit flat underfoot.

In comparison, the Pro 3’s are much more bouncy thanks to the extra 4 mm of foam in the midsole. This makes them extremely soft underfoot, and perfect for long distance running.

Speed & Responsiveness

Thanks to the carbon fiber plate in the midsole, all of the Endorphin Pro models are very responsive. They offer a great transition thanks to the snappy forefoot area. The Pro 3s take things a step further with a more bouncy feel offered by the higher stack height.

Thanks to this upgrade, you can run much faster in the Pro 3s without your feet getting too tired.

Overall, which of these models you prefer will depend on your running style. Some athletes may prefer the more rockered feel of the Endorphin Pro + or Pro 2s.

However, most will find that the Pro 3 is an awesome race shoe that will give you an extra spring in your step for completing longer races.


The outsole of the three Endorphin Pro models is largely the same, offering good traction on concrete surfaces. The Pro 2s and Pro+ both have the same tread but inverted, which doesn’t make much difference to their performance.

Meanwhile, the Pro 3s have a smaller tread that offers slightly better grip on wet roads. As such, these shoes will see you to the end of your race even if it starts raining.

Of the three, the Pro +s are probably the most durable, since they have the least amount of exposed foam on the outsole. The Pro 3s have slightly more exposed foam and as such, may be worth saving for race day, so you don’t wear down the sole too quickly.


Since they are racing shoes, the Endorphin Pros are not built for protection. That said, the carbon plate in the midsole does provide good underfoot protection against loose pebbles or jagged rocks.

When it comes to the upper, the Pro + models are slightly more protective since they have suede detailing and slightly thicker padding.

The Pro 2s and 3s both have an upper made primarily from mesh and as such are not the most protective, although they are more breathable.

The mesh is very well ventilated, which helps to stop your feet getting too hot while you are running. This helps to keep going for longer distances without your feet getting too tired before you have finished your race.

Who Are The Saucony Endorphin Pros For?

These are a great set of shoes for anyone who regularly competes in races from 5k to half-marathons. The Pro 3s are actually bouncy enough to carry you through a full length marathon should you wish.

For many runners, the Pro 3s will be the obvious choice, although there will be those who prefer the rockered design of the Pro + and Pro 2s.

Whichever one you pick, these shoes are a great choice for carrying to victory in your next race. In the next section, we will compare the Endorphin Pros with other popular race shoes to see how well they stack up.

Saucony Endorphin Pro Vs Nike Vaporfly Next%

The Vaporfly Next%s made by Nike are another high stack racing shoe that is slightly lighter than the Endorphin Pro models. The outsole on these shoes is extended at the back to make it easier to run down hill in them.

The upper on the Next% is made from a unique fabric called vapor weave that is lightweight and very breathable. It is also less flexible than the mesh upper used on the Sauconys which may make them a bit of a tight fit for some foot shapes.

One issue with the Vaporflys is that they have an oddly shaped heel that is tapered at the back. This is great for runners who use their forefoot to hit the ground first, but not so great for runners who hit the ground with their heel first.

As such, the Endorphin pros are much more stable, and better for people with weak ankles.

Despite the irregular heel shape, the Vaporflys are a great choice of running shoe for anyone who has the need for speed. Their full stack midsole and lightweight design provide a shoe that will help you reach faster speeds with less effort.

Saucony Endorphin Pro Vs Hoka Carbon X 2

Hoka have built the Carbon X 2s with a carbon fiber plate in the midsole that is very similar to the one found in the Endorphin pros. They also have an exceptionally lightweight mesh upper that is very breathable, but still well padded for a snug fit.

The foam used by Saucony is slightly better, in that it provides more bounce and feels softer underfoot. That said, the Carbon X 2s are slightly better for those with broad feet and are a slightly more stable shoe.

As such, if you have wide feet, you may want to try out the Carbon x 2s. Otherwise, the Endorphin Pros series is better in most respects, thanks to the better traction and superior heel lockdown.


The Saucony Endorphin Pro Series are all great race shoes, and which you pick will largely come down to your available budget and what you like in a running shoe.

If you like a rockered design, then the Pro + and Pro 2 models are great for you. On the other hand, if you prefer a bouncier shoe that will help improve your speed, then it is worth investing slightly more to get the Pro 3s.

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