How To Choose The Best Running Gear

March 4, 2023

Running is a sport that not only offers tons of benefits but is also inexpensive to get started. Unlike other sports, you don’t need to pay for a costly gym membership or buy loads of pricey equipment.

Instead, running can be done wherever you want and require minimal equipment. However, you will need to purchase suitable running gear before you can get stuck into this exercise.

To ensure that you buy equipment that’s suitable for you, this guide covers the essential running gear as well as how you can choose whether or not this gear is suitable for you.

For instance, you will need to pay attention to factors such as the material and price of a product.

What Running Gear Do You Need?

When you go running, it is recommended that you wear the following articles of clothing:

Running Shoes

Running shoes are the most important part of your running wardrobe. These products are designed to cushion your feet, thus lowering your risk of injury.

Running Socks

Though standard socks will suffice, wearing running socks will create a much more comfortable exercising experience.

These socks will boost blood circulation, improve ventilation, and absorb moisture to keep it away from the foot.

Running Tops

Running tops are usually made from materials that will increase ventilation and wick sweat. These running tops are much better for exercising than standard cotton t-shirts.

You can either opt for long or short sleeves depending on your preference.

Running Shorts Or Tights

Running shorts are a great option for the summer. When the weather is chillier, you may wish to wear running tights underneath your shorts.

Though you can also wear sweatpants or jogging bottoms when exercising, you may overheat when wearing this gear.

Running Jacket

During periods of cold and wet weather, it is advised that you wear long-sleeved tops and additional layers, such as a jacket or gilet. These products will keep you warm.

Ideally, you should opt for a waterproof jacket so that you will be protected from the rain.

Running Bag Or Belt

Donning a backpack or belt can be a convenient way of storing essential items, such as your keys. However, standard backpacks just tend to get in the way whilst you are running.

Therefore, you will want to invest in a running backpack that comes with straps to limit bouncing. Running belts are better suited to small items, including your phone.

Running Hat

During the winter months when the weather is chilly, it’s an incredible idea to wear a hat whilst running.

They will keep your head warm. Beanie hats or baseball caps are usually best for running. Beanie hats are best-suited to keeping you warm, while baseball caps will shelter your eyes from the sun.

Sports Bra

When you run, sports bras can provide unbeatable support. Moreover, these products can reduce unwelcome movement.

The downside of sports bras is that they are often much more expensive than standard bras.

Though some of these pieces of clothing are more essential than others, it is good to have all of these items.

This is because even if some pieces are reliant on the weather, such as a running jacket, it is nonetheless a good idea to have these items in your wardrobe just in case!

How To Choose The Best Running Gear For You

How To Choose The Best Running Gear For You

Running equipment is readily available in stores and online. Despite this, it can be tough to choose the right running gear for you, as there are tons of factors that you must consider.

To help you to find the perfect gear, we’ve highlighted some of the most important considerations:

The Price

As mentioned, one of the main advantages of running is that it is an exercise that does not require you to spend much money.

Despite this, running clothes come in a range of different prices. While some clothes are quite affordable, others will cost more money.

Often, if you are paying for branded clothes, you will need to spend a little more money.

Running shoes can be particularly expensive. Brands such as Balenciaga, Yeezy, Adidas, and Nike are great for running trainers, though their products can be somewhat expensive.

Therefore, you may wish to think about how much you are willing to spend on your running gear. Set aside a budget to prevent yourself from overspending on this running clothing.

The Fit

Running clothes should fit snugly. Yet, running gear that is too big or small for you will not make for a comfortable session.

When it comes to running shoes, you must find trainers that fit properly. This is because you can suffer from blisters and heel pain when wearing ill-fitting shoes.

Not to mention, you are more likely to fall.

The Waterproof Capabilities

When the weather is horrible, you will need waterproof running gear. In particular, running jackets, coats, and gilets must be waterproof.

Unfortunately, you will often have to pay more money to find waterproof running clothes. However, if you like to run outside, it is advisable to choose waterproof running gear.

Otherwise, you will get drenched.

The Aesthetic

Though fashion shouldn’t be overly important when selecting running clothes, you will nonetheless want to find clothes that you like the look of.

Clothes that look good can also enhance your confidence when you run.

The good news is that running gear comes in a range of styles and colours. This means that you’re guaranteed to find something that appeals to you!

The Comfort

Running shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable. Yet, running in cotton t-shirts can be incredibly disagreeable. This is because these loose clothes tend to chafe, especially around the armpit area.

Though some running clothes can feel a little tight, it is recommended that you opt for tighter-fitting clothes.

This is because these tight clothes will reduce chafing and provide a more breathable experience.

Of course, you shouldn’t choose any running gear that is tight to the degree that it’s uncomfortable.

The Functionality

As you can tell from the aforementioned list of essential running gear, each of these clothing articles performs an important job.

When choosing running gear, you should pick articles that you think are functional.

For instance, if you want a running jacket that will keep you warm, you shouldn’t select a thin jacket with limited insulation. Instead, you should choose one that will perform its function.

The Materials

Certain materials will be better suited to running clothes than others. The majority of running clothes are made from lycra, nylon, or polyester, all of which are good fabrics for this exercise.

Nylon is perhaps the best material for running gear. It is sweat-wicking, stretchy, and breathable.

These are three of the main qualities that you will want in your running clothes, especially when it comes to running tops and shorts.

To help you select the right clothes, you should pay attention to the material.

Final Thoughts

When you go running, it’s important to invest in the right gear. Otherwise, you can injure yourself or suffer through an unenjoyable running session.

By paying attention to this advice, you will not only know what items of clothing you must wear but also how to select the correct running gear for you!


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