Follow The 75% Cycling Rule For Amazing Results!

January 3, 2023

Follow The 75% Cycling Rule For Amazing Results!

If you are trying to get into cycling you may have heard of the seventy-five percent rule. If you are not familiar with the cycling world then you may not know what this rule means or how good it can be for you.

Well, with this article we are going to tell you everything you need to know about what this rule means and what it can do to help you.

With all of that being said, let us finally dive into this article and cover everything that you need to know. So, without further ado, let us dive right in and get started!

What Exactly Is The 75%Cycling Rule?

In essence, the seventy-five percent rule is that when cycling training during the week, a minimum of seventy-five miles should be at minimum below seventy-five percent of your highest maximum heart rate or MHR.

Will 80/20 Apply To Cycling?

It is sometimes recommended that you follow the 80/20 rule when you are deciding on the structure of your training. For this structure it is suggested that a minimum of eighty percent of your cycling training, which should be measured by time.

By doing this you can actually get much better results. This means that by going at a slow or talking pace you will be able to get much fitter and gain more strength as time goes on.

What Is The Lowest Distance To Go Cycling?

Most professions suggest that the minimum distance you should cycle every day is just over nine miles. If you are only moderately exerting yourself and you are cycling for about thirty minutes it should mean that you are covering just over nine miles.

If you are going at an average speed then you may find yourself going about nine miles per hour. This then equates to about sixty-two miles per week or about 3417 miles per year.

How Fast Will The Average Seventy-Year-Old Cyclist Go?

If you are a senior cyclist and you have average fitness abilities then you may find that you are able to go between eight and fourteen miles each day.

This however is if you are getting rid of any external factors that may affect how fast or long a senior cyclist must ride.

What Is The Most Amount Of Cycling You Should Do In A Day?

According to the WHO or World Health Organization it is suggested that adults that are aged between eighteen and sixty-four years of age should cycle for a minimum of 150 minutes.

This exercise should be moderate in intensity so that you stay as healthy as possible.

With all of that being said, doing a minimum of twenty minutes of cycling each day will be more than enough to help you hit your fitness goals.

Will Cycling Twice A Day Be Too Much?

In general, if you are cycling twice a day then you are likely overdoing it. That being said, there are a lot of athletes that do train two times a day.

What is important to bear in mind is to pay attention to how intense and how long you train for. Cycling twice a day can be very helpful in helping you get to your fitness goals. Just make sure not to over do it.

Why Can Cycling Be Bad?

Cycling is a good way to lose weight and to get fit. Despite the fact that it is very beneficial, as with any form of exercise there are in fact disadvantages to it. Below we list a few of the bad points about cycling, take a look:

  • Cycling Happens Outdoors Which Means that You Will Be Exposed to the Elements
  • Cycling can be Fun But it can Also Bring Up Other Expenses
  • Just Because You Cycle Safely Does Not Mean that There Will Be no Dangerous Drivers
  • Cycling On the Road Comes With a Whole Host of Hazards
  • Often Times with Cycling There Will Not be Good Lighting
  • There are Often no Bicycle Lanes or Trails
  • Bicycles Do Not Come With Much Storage
  • Generally you Cannot Cycle

Can Cycling Be Healthy For Someone In Their Sixties?

If you are a senior then you may find that cycling is a pretty good option for you. It is a relatively now impact form of exercise which means that it will not impact your joints as much as other forms of exercise like running for example.

On top of that cycling is a wonderful cardiovascular exercise which means that it gets your heart pumping while also helping you to burn calories. Who does not want that!

Can Cycling Be Healthy For Someone In Their Seventies?

Riding a bicycle is a safe, and beneficial form of exercise. Best of all it is perfect for those of you that want to get fit and stay healthy even if you are an older person in their seventies.

Cycling is hugely beneficial and can help you to lose weight, keep you strong, and reduce the risk of you developing any chronic illnesses.

But best of all cycling is helpful for you to live longer and keep your mind active.

That being said, there are some safety concerns that may be associated with cycling for seniors.

However, you should not let that dissuade you. If you are sure that you are road safe then this may be a wonderful way to keep yourself fit even if you are in your seventies.

How Fast Should You Go As A Beginner Cyclist?

If you are new to cycling then it is recommended that you should do short distance rides and reach about twelve miles per hour.

These numbers come from when the average miles per hour is for beginners that do limited training.

If you have about six months of cycling training then it is expected that your average speed should be between fifteen and sixteen miles per hour. These rides should take between twenty and thirty miles.

Will Cycling Help You Lose Belly Fat?

In short, yes cycling is an excellent form of exercise to help you lose belly fat. There have even been studies that have indicated that if you regularly cycle it may be a helpful tool to help you lose fat across your whole body.

But if you want to lose belly weight in particular you may want to pick up aerobic exercise. You can even go exercising

Will Cycling For Thirty Minutes Every Day Be Good For You?

If you exercise for about thirty minutes every single day you will find that your cardiovascular and muscles will only get stronger.

If you put in a consistent effort you will almost certainly find that there is a huge improvement for your general health. This will allow you to bike for longer and enjoy more strenuous rides without much issue.

Final Thoughts

In cycling the 75% rule is essentially a way to help you increase your wattage. To achieve this you need to follow the seventy-five percent rule.

In order to start implementing this training you need to do seventy-five percent of your cycle training throughout the week. While you are doing this you should be keeping your MHR or maximum heart rate down to seventy-five percent.

Endurance: 65% or 75%?

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