10 Essential Cycling Tips for Beginners

Embarking on a new cycling journey can be an exciting yet daunting experience. To make the most of your time on the saddle, follow these 10 essential cycling tips for beginners.

Case Study: Office Fitness Challenges

One of the great things that you can do with Fitwins virtual fitness challenges, when you register for a medal entry challenge, is create groups with your friends and family so that you can track your progress against each other and see how you’re doing as a collective.

Virtual Walking Challenges: A fun and effective way to exercise 

There are many ways to exercise to keep fit. Some people enjoy getting their running shoes on and smashing in a 5k or 10k on a Sunday morning, others strap their helmet on and head out to the countryside to cycle their way to fitness. Some people just enjoy a good walk. 

How a Virtual Fitness Challenge Can Change Your Life

If you’re looking to get in shape and improve your health, a virtual fitness challenge may be the perfect solution for you. Virtual fitness challenges are a great way to stay motivated and accountable, and they can provide you with the support and community that you need to reach your goals. 

Five Ways to Smash a Virtual Fitness Challenge

Five Ways to Smash a Virtual Fitness Challenge

Do you find motivation to get up and active a struggle sometimes? It can be difficult to begin and then maintain a fitness regime that works for you, particularly if you don’t have a regular workout buddy to keep you going. Have you considered a virtual fitness challenge?