How To Recover After A Long Run

It does not matter whether you are training to do your first ever half- or full marathon, or if you are looking to lengthen the amount of distance you run – recovering after a substantially long run is paramount to being able to keep on going.

Is Creatine Good For Runners?

Looking to improve running performance? One of the supplements you might be considering is creatine – and for good reason.
Creatine is one of the most widely used, science-backed supplements in sports, with numerous studies supporting its performance-enhancing benefits.
It’s also one of the cheapest sports supplements on the market!

Cycling And The Brain – Exercising For Positive Mental Health

If you’ve ever cycled to work and felt happier and more alert than usual, you were likely taking advantage of cycling’s scientifically documented positive effects on mental wellbeing.
To lose weight and lead a better lifestyle, many people have taken up cycling. Cycling frequently can, however, help people of all physical health levels strengthen their minds.