Best Running Shoes For Knee Pain

August 30, 2022

When starting your running journey, you might discover that you have different aches and pains. Especially in your knees.

Now this can be a problem experienced by even the most experienced of runners. It can be painful and downright irritating. ‘

You’ve tried a whole host of solutions. From knee compression pads to knee strengthening exercises but nothing is working.

Well, it could very well be that your running shoes simply aren’t made to support your joints when you run.

In this article we have a selection of the best running shoes to help your knee pain!

So, whether you are a beginner or have years of experience behind you, these running shoes will help support you and your knees.

1. Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 Running Shoes (Women)

If you are looking for a running shoe which will help protect your knees from injury as you run, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 running shoes are a top pick.

A smoother, more supportive transition from heel to toe is provided by the newest iteration of the Adrenaline’s soft, high-energizing cushioning, which extends past the heel and all the way to the forefoot.

The GuideRail support system aids in making your running experience more comfortable by limiting unnecessary movement. Your knees will be protected and stabilized.

You will experience soft, cushioned comfort without any excess bulk making these shoes ideal for runners, walkers or anyone looking to prevent knee pain.


  • GuideRail Support System. This stops your knee from moving unnecessarily, keeping your joint stabilized and strong when running.
  • DNA Loft Crash Pad. This provides a supportive cushion with every footfall and adapts to your every step.
  • Mesh Upper. Breathable Fabric which allows air to circulate without needing any excess bulk.


  • Price. While Brooks Adrenaline GTS 21 running shoes provide extra support for the knee, they are not the most budget friendly option.

2. New Balance 890 V8 Running Shoe (Mens)

If you are looking for shoes that offer great support when running and look stylish?

The New Balance 890 V8 running shoes are an excellent choice. Sleek, streamlined and cool, these running shoes will take your running outfit to the next level.

There is also the added benefit of the FuelCell midsole foam. High rebound, energy return, and propulsion are all delivered by this feature. Making you go longer and faster than ever before.

While the REVlite outsole gives lightweight cushioning and flexibility. They provide shock absorbance which will aid in protecting your knees and other joints as you run.

The synthetic upper keeps the shoe lightweight and breathable ensuring a comfortable fit. You will notice the benefits as you feel more powerful and in control as you run.


  • REVlite. This keeps the entire shoe lightweight and provides a cushioning, flexible fit.
  • Shock Absorbance. As you run these shoes will absorb more as you land giving you more freedom to run.
  • Design. Stylish, sleek and eye-catching, these shoes were inspired by running athletes.
  • FuelCell. This technology provides expert cushioning to make every stride strong, powerful and comfortable.


  • Price. New Balance is a more affordable brand, these pairs of shoes are not budget friendly.
  • Non-wide fit. For those who require extra space in their running shoes may struggle to find an extra wide fit.

3. Saucony Versafoam Cohesion 13

If you’re in need of a durable, breathable and comfortable running shoe which is also affordable the Saucony Versafoam Cohesion 13 are great!

They offer the brand’s infamous Versarun cushioning technology to help with shock absorption and reduce the hard impact on your joints with every stride. Especially if you prefer to run on concrete roads and sidewalks.

The breathable, reinforced upper mesh keeps your feet feeling dry and comfortable throughout your runs.

Whether you are a casual runner, marathon vet or are just looking for an affordable, supportive shoe for exercise, these shoes can do it all.

The rubber sole makes the quality of these shoes higher than you would expect and keeps them booking fresh through even your toughest runs.


  • Versafoam Technology. This is expert cushioning which helps with shock absorption and reduces the impact on your knees as you run.
  • Rubber Sole. Keep the shoe flexible and durable through all of your runs.
  • Price. Affordable but high quality shoes which are comfortable for running.
  • Mesh Upper. Material keeps shoes breathable and flexible for ultimate comfort.


  • Sizing. Those who require more room from a wider fit may struggle to find their perfect size.

4. ASICS Men’s Gel- Venture 7 Trail Running Shoes

Recovering from a knee injury or operation doesn’t mean you can never run again. Unless your doctor states otherwise.

All it means is that you need some extra support. The ASICS men’s Gel-Venture 7 Trail running shoes are the ones to do just that.

The RearFoot gel technology was created to give special attention to the shock absorbed as your foot makes impact with the ground. It also allows for a smooth transition to midstance.

The Ortholite X-40 Sockliner has better moisture control and breathability while also having improved rebound qualities.

These shoes work well for road running and even everyday wear thanks to its sturdy rubber outsole and trail-specific lugs. They may also be worn for trail running and trekking.

ASICS Men;s Gel- Venture 7 Trail running shoes offer a comfortable, high quality run at an affordable price point.


  • Ortholite X-40 Sockliner. This trademarked technology was created to give rebound properties and amazing moisture management and breathability.
  • RearFoot Gel. This is what makes the shoes so comfortable and provides more shock absorbance during time of impact.
  • Price. High quality, durable running shoes for an affordable price tag.
  • Variation. The ASICS Men’s Gel- Venture 7 trail running shoes come in a range of colors and width sizes making them available to a wide variety of runners.


  • Laces. You may find yourself needing to buy backup laces as the laces provided are rather low quality and can break rather easily.

5. ASICS Gel- Kayano

Suffer from flat feet and pain in your knees? This can make running seem impossible. But not for much longer.

The ASICS Gel-Kayano are designed with knee pain and flat feet in mind. The shoes dynamic DuoMax support system provides stability and support for your feet, while the impact guiding system encourages a more organic gait.

ASICS’s Flytefoam technology is expertly designed to give these running shoes a form of memory fam. They bounce back to their original shape after every stride giving you the freedom and flexibility to run.

The shoes also offer improved shock absorption and comfort thanks to Asics’ renowned GEL cushioning in the forefoot and rearfoot.

Additionally, the heel clutch technology ensures a solid fit, eliminating any worries about your backfoot moving and helping to stabilize your knee when you run.


  • Shock adsorption. Flytefoam and DuoMax work together to provide you ultimate comfort and support.
  • Lightweight. Mesh upper materials keep this shoe design lightweight, breathable and durable.
  • Space Trusstic Technology. Provides stability and maintains the shoe’s structural integrity while reducing the weight of the sole unit.


  • Price. Compared to other ASIC running shoes this design is more expensive and may not be affordable to most.

Buyers Guide For Running Shoes

Before you run out and buy the first pair of running shoes you find, there are some factors which you must consider.

We have put together a simple buyers guide so that when you are selecting which running shoes to buy you know what to look for. Specifically when it comes to supporting your knee joints.

Below you will find all of the necessary information you need to choose the running shoes that will give you the support, cushioning and performance you need.

Cushioning & Stabilizing

In order to protect your knee joints when running, you need running shoes that provide good cushioning.

This is how your shoes will perform shock absorption and absorb the majority of the impact as your feet land. It can also help if you tend to supinate, or, if your foot leans outwards when it hits the ground.

Cushioning and shock absorption are especially important if you typically run on hard surfaces such as sidewalks and concrete.

You also want the cushioning to be comfortable and flexible. Cushioning can often make the running shoe stiff so finding a shoe which is flexible, comfortable and correctly cushioned is key.

You’ll probably want a pair of stability shoes with structural support, like medial posts, if your knee pain is brought on by overpronation, which is the inward leaning of your foot as it makes contact with the ground.

Additionally, wide-soled stability shoes that are made to absorb stress could be able to lessen the strain on your knees.

Running shoes can often lose their cushioning over time, find a pair of shoes with high-quality cushioning to prevent hurting your knees further.


You don’t only want your shoes to last long to save you having to buy them regularly but you also want durable shoes to make sure you accomplish those last extra miles.

The main features to look for are the sole and upper materials. You will find that the most common material used for the sole of running shoes is rubber. This is an excellent, affordable material which allows for flexibility and shock absorption with each step.

It can be said that shoes with a chunkier midsole are more likely to last longer than lightweight, thinner soled shoes.

However, the length of time a pair of running shoes will last is highly dependent on the terrain they run on, the regularity that they are used and the activities they are used for.

A pair of running shoes used for everyday errands will often need replacing a lot quicker than those used solely for running.

Midsole Shape

Many shoes have flex grooves under the ball of the foot that allow the shoe to bend just like your foot does.

The foot can roll through the stride by turning the toe up, a technique known as toe spring, or by removing midsole material to create a rocker pattern.

Adding or removing any of the midsoles can change the speed at which your foot naturally rolls through the gait cycle and can alter the angle your foot moves.

Find shoes which allow your foot to move naturally whilst still providing structure and support to your joints.

Heel To Toe Drop

The heel to toe drop is the difference in height between your heel and the ball of your foot when you are standing. Experts have found that the changing drop changes the distribution of forces on the foot and leg, which can change how you walk.

Choose a shoe that feels comfortable from touchdown to toe-off throughout each stride and relieves pressure on any weak areas of your foot.

Zero drop shoes can help place the heel and toe in a straight line which may be more comfortable for experienced runners.


There are certain elements that are crucial in the way a running shoe is designed and any tiny change can affect your experience.

Upper. Today brands create the upper through knitting and 3D printing so that the material is stretchy and supportive where needed. Anywhere it touches, it should lay smoothly without binding, chafing, or bunching.

Ankle Collar. This is the wrap at the top of the shoe opening that helps hold your heel in place. You should focus on how your foot reacts with the padding, if your heel slips and slides or even if the curve irritates and rubs against your ankle your ankle.

Heel Counter. The heel counter, which supports and cradles your heel, is a semi-rigid cup laminated inside the backfoot. While they do not stabilize the foot completely, they do center the heels which aids in a stable landing and support of the joints.

All forms of shoes are designed with a heel counter in mind to promote support and stability. Finding a shoe with a heel counter which allows for comfortable yet supported ankle motion will help your knee pain when running immensely.

The Saddle. This is where the section between the arch of your foot, between the ball and the ankle, will rest. This section works with the laces to hold the shoe on the foot and to help the foot remain in place.

Pay attention to how it conforms to your foot and holds it in place, giving you a sense of security and preventing slippage while enabling the natural doming of the arch during each stride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even with all of the information above, you may still have some questions. Whether it is about the right type of shoes to buy or for more information on your knee pain.

We have answered some common questions regarding running shoes and knee pain.

How Can I Run With Bad Knees?

If you have extensive knee injuries or have a history or knee joint pain then you might want to investigate organizing an appointment with a physical therapist. They will be able to provide the correct steps to begin your running journey.

They will also be able to guide on the correct shoes to buy depending on your condition and strengthening exercises to help build structure around your joint.

Can Running Shoes Affect Your Knees?

Yes, knee pain can result from running in bad or worn-out running shoes. Get your running gait evaluated at a specialized running store before beginning a program so you can get the best shoes for your foot type and running style.

You will often find that runners replace their shoes every 300 to 400 miles. This is due to the cushioning and support wearing out over time.

If you don’t replace your shoes once the cushioning has worn out you may experience more intense knee pain as there is little to no shock absorption or stability.

Why Do Certain Shoes Cause Pain In My Knees?

Running shoes which have insufficient cushioning or support can result in knee pain. Shoes which do not support your natural foot structure or mechanics can cause more harm than good. Your body will find ways to compensate for the lack of support which could cause harm to the joints, bones, muscles and tendons throughout the foot, leg and hips.

It may take some trial and error of different shoes to find the right pair for you.

Final Thoughts

Experiencing knee pain whilst running can happen to runners of all levels. Wearing the correct shoes which provide support and cushioning to help absorb the shock of your joints as you make contact with the ground.

This is especially important if you run on harder surfaces such as sidewalks, concrete paths or running tracks.

Before you begin running, whether after an injury or as a beginner, you may find it beneficial to speak to a medical professional who can provide you with the correct information regarding the proper running shoes, strengthening exercises and the extent to which you should be running!

Start by looking through our selection of the best running shoes for knee pain!

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